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Important Qualities of a Research Analyst - K.Karthik Raja

Important Qualities of a Research Analyst - K.Karthik Raja

The Job of research analysts requires quantitative and qualitative skill.An Analyst needs to have a high degree of comfort in dealing with number to be able to analyse vairous financial factors,identify trends and see the inter-relationship between differnt factors. At the same time,he needs to be methodical,have an enquiring mind and be discerning to know where to find relevant information.Ability to  understand business models and competitive dynamics in a business is another improtanat quality an analyst must possess.using these skills  a research analyst comes to the sonclusion whether he would be in favour of or against investing in a particular industry or company.

Qualities that are desired in a good research analyst are :

* Good with numbers
* Good Excel/Spread Sheet and other date analystical tools
* Clarity in financial concepts
* Ability to read and comprehend financial statements and reports
* Ability to ask pertinent questions
* Attention to details
* Communication skills - written and verbal.

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